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Quality tuition at affordable prices. 

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The Brainworkx Difference

Specialist tutors: We only hire the best calibre of fully experienced as well as qualified tutors. All our tutors are academically accomplished in their field and above all love to teach and share their knowledge. In addition all our staff are DBS checked. 

Class sizes: Our absolute maximum is 1:4 teacher/student ratio. Keeping class sizes small enables our students to master their chosen subject with far more individual focus as well as work in a supportive group environment. All our students have the same ambition for improvement and success , creating a superb academic environment.

Teaching structure: Our classes range between 80min and 2h, with additional homework and practice provided after each session. This means we can focus on quality teaching rather than give out worksheets like other tuition centres. There is no use of gimmicks in our teaching sessions. A board, a pen, a book and a teacher is what we believe in. 

Class structure: At secondary level all our teaching sessions are separate for boys and girls. From years of teaching experience, we believe that girls thrive and achieve higher in an all-girls learning environment. 

our courses


Our specialised 11+ program is run by a qualified teacher with a proven track record in 11+ and independent school preparation. Our 11+ program is uniquely designed for your child to achieve exam success. 


We are dedicated to providing the best Maths and English tuition for years 1-6. Our teaching will enable your child to stay ahead in their learning and perform to their best at the national SATS test. 


Our secondary courses are in English, Maths and Science. Our KS3 and GCSE programmes are delivered by teachers who have studied their chosen subjects at degree level.

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Every student has unique needs for support. Tell us more about what you are hoping a tutor can do for you, and we will start on a plan to help you get what you need. Tutoring in Manchester/Longsight/Levenshulme/Burnage

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